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Topic:“MR Physics and its Application to Neuroradiology”

Presenter 1: Dr. Nanxi Zha

Educational Rounds

The Neurology Rounds are livestreamed only (not archived).

Instructions for Live webcast of Neuroscience Rounds:
***Viewers should test their video and browser on the Webcast page to ensure the best webcast experience***
1) Go to the Ontario Telemedicine Network Webcast Website: http://webcast.otn.ca/
2) You will see two graphics in the middle of the Webcasting Center page: “Archived Events” and “Live Events”. Click on the “Public” button under the “Live Event” graphic.
3) Scroll through the events until you find: “Neurosciences Rounds”.
4) Once you find the event you are looking for, click “watch” (located under the title of the event). Another window will open which will broadcast the presentation

Date: Friday, December 13, 2019 At 08:00 AM
Duration: 1 Hour
Accredited: No
Presenter 1: Dr. Nanxi Zha
Presenter 2:
Presenter 3:
Location: Auditorium (Lobby Level), David Braley Research Centre,
1st Objective: 1. Review fundamentals of MR physics
2nd Objective: 2. Discuss MR sequences used in neuroradiology
3rd Objective: 3. Explore common artifacts found in MRI
4th Objective:
Reference No: 13450
Repeat Event: This event does not repeat
Contact Info:
Valerie Brown
Email: Valerie.Brown@phri.ca

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